Some blogs I like reading

  • FF visions: a real-life friend’s photo blog, dedicated to his Canon 5D Mark II
  • Shooting with a Pentax K10D: another blog from the same friend, originally dedicated to his Pentax K10D but now mostly about old-fashioned lenses technical aspects (including “lens surgery” and other exotic things)
  • Imagery of light: some very interesting artistic shots
  • Pari(s) couleurs: a photo gallery from a very good French photograph: Marie Hacène


Photo websites

  • Phototech: a French magazine dedicated to photo techniques, for both beginners and experimented shooters.
  • The Classical Camera Repair Forum: a very good forum for maintenance and repairing of old-fashioned lenses.
  • Rick Olesson’s Camera Tech notes: another website dedicated to repairing old-fashioned photo stuff, with hundreds of sketches to put in pieces old cameras and lenses.


Sports websites

  • L’Équipe: almost the only sports newspaper in France.
  • As a real Formula 1 fan, this is were you find official live timing during Grand Prix week-ends
  • Toile F1: a French Formula 1 news site. The iPhone version of the site is very handy.
  • First Row Sports: a good source of links to watch live sports events that are not broadcasted in your home country.

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